The Coaches

Mr. Clamon first began working with FIRST as a judge at the FTC championship in 2011 in the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. He was so impressed with the FIRST organization, that when he was hired as an algebra teacher at Lytle High School the following year, he quickly organized a high school FTC team. After he moved to the Lytle Junior High School, he started a junior high team a few years later. That team became the Techno Pirates in 2015.


Mr. Corona has been a technology teacher for over 30 years and a programmer before that. He helped Mr. Clamon form the first Lytle Junior High robotics team in 2014 and has been a hard working member of the coaching team, securing extra funding and heading up community outreach.


Mr. Salinas has been involved in FLL as well as FTC and signed on to the coaching staff in 2015.  Mr. Salinas helped make it possible for the team to expand from FLL into an FTC team.

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