Sunday, January 22, 2017

TechnoPirates Robotics Team Compete in Somerset

Our TechnoPirates Robotic Team went to Somerset to compete in three meets this past weekend.  Two on Saturday the 21st and one on Sunday the 22nd.  While we did not do as well as we had hoped, we will take what we learned and apply it as we prepare our robot for next week's Championship meet.  On Saturday, January 28th, we will have one last meet on Saturday morning and hope to earn enough points to compete in the afternoon's championship.  There will also be a team of judges who will evaluate our "Engineering Notebook".  The team as a whole will stand before a panel of judges who will challenge them with questions relating to our team and the team's knowledge and understanding of what we did in preparing for our meets. All members of the team are expected to share information with the judges.


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