Monday, February 12, 2018

Techno Pirates Close out the Season

The Lytle Junior High Techno Pirates ended their season Saturday without qualifying for regional championships. The team won three out of six matches and landed 14th place out of 36 teams.
The Techno Pirates competed against some of the top high schools in San Antonio and Austin and I am proud of their effort. But, in the end only seven teams could advance to the championships.
This has been a fantastic year and these students have worked hard and learned a lot.

Thank you to Joe Corona and Jeffery Salinas for all their hard work and patience.

~ Reagon Clamon, Lytle Junior High Robotics coach

The 2017 -2018 Techno Pirates are: 
Isabella Lopez

Jade Ibanez

Faustino Ruiz

Zachary Bradshaw

Miguel Lopez 

Grace Jurss

Katelyn Rubal 

Alex Medina 

Ashley Pierce

Morgan Walker

Katelyn is a 7th grader

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Techno Pirates take home trophy, and a chance to qualify!

The Lytle Junior High Techno Pirates took home a trophy at the South San Antonio Metro League Championship and qualified for a chance to advance to area competition.

The Techno Pirates competed with their robot against 31 teams and also scored points by giving a presentation to judges about their engineering process. It was their Lytle spirit that helped them take home a trophy, however the Techno Pirates were given the Motivate award after judges observed their teamwork and desire to educate other students about robotics.

The junior high’s performance on the field did not match their success in the judging room as the Techno Pirates lost all their preliminary matches Saturday. Their large point total going into the championship kept them in the top half of the rankings, however. It was the team’s ability to connect with other schools that saved them from elimination at the end of the preliminary matches when a Lytle Junior High student approached one of the schools who had qualified for the semifinals and proposed an alliance with our team. After some deliberation by both teams, the alliance was formed and the Techno Pirates were in the semifinals.

Lytle Junior High and their alliance won the first round in the semis, but lost in the second, putting them in 10th position for advancement. Only nine teams advanced directly to area competition, but due to being so close to qualifying, the Techno Pirates were invited to a second chance city wide qualifier at Brandeis High School in San Antonio on, February 10th. If they qualify at that event, they will compete against some of the top schools in the state on February 16th and 17th

The Techno Pirates are: Grace Jurss, Katelyn Rubal, Alex Medina, Morgan Walker, Ashley Pierce, Isabella Lopez, Jade Ibanez, Faustino Ruiz, Zachary Bradshaw and Miguel Lopez.

The Coaches / Mentors are: Reagon Clamon, Joe Corona, and Jeffery Salinas.

Monday, January 22, 2018


The Lytle Junior High Techno Pirates continued to claw their way up the rankings Saturday with a second place finish at the South San Antonio Metro League robotics meet. The Techno Pirates where the top scoring team at Saturday's meet, but a single loss in their first match kept them out of first place. The Pirates ceded that position to Poth High School who were undefeated at the meet. Robot Driver Faustino Ruiz pulled in a total of 260 points - more than double their previous meet - putting the team in good position for next Saturday's league championship. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

We're Back!

Our Robotics team is back for the last two events of the
2017 - 2018 competition season. Today, you can cheer them
on at McCollum High School during the FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Competitions starting at 1:00 pm. The school is located at 500 W. Formosa Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78221